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Luxury Hospitality Communications,

Public Relations & Events



JAO Global Consulting, LLC is a New York City-based luxury hospitality communications, public relations and events firm with a focus on domestic and international hotels, resorts, destinations, airlines, food, beverage, spa and wellness. Clients include owners, developers, management companies, and executive teams.  


The firm's President, Jennifer A. Oberstein, has held leadership roles at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLCThe Leading Hotels of the World, and NBC News.  Her extensive on-property experience makes her exceedingly familiar with and understanding of the needs and expectations of all sides of the hotel/consumer/media equation.


Jennifer approaches all clients as partners, and does not operate as an agency, but rather as an expert consultant with an in-house approach whose methodology is personalized, targeted and comprehensive.  Together they determine and implement the most impactful tactical agendas and creative initiatives by crafting goals and events that align with and support business plans and operational objectives.


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